What Are the Risks of Rodents and Rats?

Everyone loves the Australian climate, but unfortunately, so do many household pests. When people think of pest control in Brisbane, they often want to rid their homes of cockroaches, ants, spiders and other common pests that invade Queensland homes. Rodents, such as rats and mice, also like to take shelter in houses and other buildings, and although you may not see them as often as you spot cockroaches and ants scurrying about, that doesn’t mean you don’t have rodents and rats in your place. Numbers are currently exploding, and during the cold months of winter, rodents will be searching for nice warm dwellings to hide out in.

Rodents and rats are not a problem you should simply ignore, as their presence can pose significant risks in your home or commercial property. If you notice signs such as droppings, food packets nibbled on, or hear the scuttering of mice, then it may be time to find a rat exterminator.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why rats and mice pose risks when they are living in your home or place of business, as well as some practical steps you can take to prevent a rodent and rat infestation.

Risks of Rodents and Rats in Your Home

Rodents and rats can pose significant health risks and other problems when they decide to take up residence in your home.

Rats and mice spread disease

Typhus fever and Leptospirosis are two common diseases that can be spread by rodents. A Leptospirosis infection can result in symptoms such as fever, chills, vomiting and diarrhoea. Other potential diseases transmitted by rodents include Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus, Rat Bite Fever and various gastrointestinal infections. Diseases are one of the biggest risks posed by infestations of rodents and rats.

Food poisoning

Mice and rats enjoy living in places where there is a steady food source, and unfortunately, that often includes the kitchen pantry. Armed with teeth and claws to tear into food packaging, rodents can contaminate your food supplies by leaving their saliva, urine or faeces in and around food. Eating contaminated food will most likely result in food poisoning. Aside from the obvious health risks, you won’t want your food stocks depleted and destroyed by rodents and rats.

Pets are at risk

People are not the only ones put at risk by the presence of rodents. Rats and mice pose a risk to dogs and cats. Not only is there the potential to spread disease to pets, but rodents also carry ticks and fleas, leading to a potential infestation in your home and on your pets. Ticks are known for transmitting Lyme disease further increasing the risk to your pets. Also, on some occasions, rats have also been known to attack small pets.

Bad odours

While offensive odours may not be as critical, no one wants their home to smell disgusting. Unfortunately, the mere presence of rodents and rats can result in your place smelling anything but clean and fresh, as rats and mice leave droppings and urine everywhere they go, as well as emitting their own musky aroma. If you are experiencing these smells in your home, it may be time to find a rat exterminator.

Risks of Rodents and Rats in Your Commercial Property

Residential properties are not the only places at risk when rats and mice decide to move in. Commercial properties and businesses face the same risks as mentioned above and even a few more. Along with posing a health threat, leaving behind bad smells and attacking any food on the premises, here are some other concerns that an infestation of rodents in a commercial property presents.

Rodents cause damage

This can occur in the home as well but is often more critical in a commercial environment. Rodents not only rip into food packaging. They are also known to burrow holes through walls, shred furniture, cloth and paper to build nests. This could potentially damage stocks and products in your business. Cables and electrical wiring are also at risk of damage, and this could even present a fire hazard.

Health regulations

All businesses, especially those involved in the food and beverage industry, have to comply with workplace health and safety regulations. If a customer makes a complaint or an inspection is carried out, and it’s discovered that the premises are infested with rodents and rats, there is a very high chance that your business will be shut down.

Poor customer experience

No matter what type of commercial enterprise you have, the existence of rodents can result in a poor customer experience. Just the mere sight of a rat or a mouse is going to put people off using your business. If you operate an establishment that serves food and beverages, then rodents present a very real health risk. Customers could end up getting sick from contaminated food.

How to Prevent a Rodent and Rat Infestation

Rather than having to treat a rodent infestation, it’s preferable to avoid having rats and mice move in, to begin with. Along with calling in a rat exterminator, here are some things you can do to prevent rodents and rats.

  • Always store food in sealed containers, such as solid plastic or glass
  • Discard food scraps and leftover pet food immediately after eating
  • Use garbage bins with tight sealing lids to prevent rodent access
  • Keep your home, especially your kitchen and bathrooms, clean and free of food scraps or water puddles at all times. This includes washing those dirty dishes and not leaving them there until morning
  • Seal up holes and access points to the house. Also, be sure to block access points to cupboards and the pantry
  • Declutter the home or business inside and out. This leaves fewer places for rodents to hide
  • Remove overgrown foliage and stack materials and other household or business items off the ground to prevent rodent nesting
  • Use baits and traps

Rodent and Rat Control

If you suspect your home or business has a rodent problem, then the best course of action is to call in your local pest control Brisbane experts. At Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control, we have developed a rodent control program that has proven to be extremely effective time and time again.

First, our expert technicians will perform an examination and assessment of your property to determine the severity of the infestation. Once that’s been carried out, a strategy to eradicate the rodents will be devised. You’ll be advised on the extent of the problem, what we propose to do to solve it and how long it will take.

Rodent bait boxes will be placed strategically around the property, including in the roof cavity and along the perimeter of the property. Both indoor and outdoor bait boxes will be used, and if you have pets, then pet-friendly baits are also available.

With a combination of outdoor and indoor bait boxes in play, the success of rodent eradication increases exponentially. In fact, you’ll see their numbers decreasing rapidly within a week or two. Note that rats and mice tend to vacate the premises following poisoning, so there won’t be dead rodents throughout your home or business.

Pest Control at Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control

When you’re searching for a rat exterminator or pest control in Brisbane, make Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control your first choice. Its time to make rats and rodents history with the help of our expert pest control services for your home or commercial business. Contact us today for a quote and to learn more about our rodent control program.