Silverfish Treatment Brisbane

Are you concerned that you might need a silverfish infestation treatment? These pesky pests can leave you feeling paranoid. They hide out of sight, but the damage that they cause is very real. Thankfully, silverfish treatments are highly effective and will drive the tiny pests out of their hiding places with minimal disruption to your life.

Do Silverfish Damage Homes?

This is one housemate that you could definitely do without. Silverfish love to feast on a range of fabrics, wallpaper, paint, clothing, and books. They also love to eat a lot of the same foods that we do, so their damage to your home can rapidly mount up if left untreated.

What’s more, having a silverfish infestation can attract other unwanted critters. Cockroaches, spiders and other insects are all natural predators of this pest and leaving a silverfish infestation untreated can invite more unwanted company.

Signs of Silverfish Infestation

Unfortunately, silverfish are most active at night, which is why they can go about their business unnoticed. Lurking in dark corners of your home, they can rapidly reproduce, turning a small problem into a much bigger one very quickly.

Perhaps you’ve spotted one of these pests lagging behind after sunrise, scurrying across the floor or hiding in a sink or bathtub. Otherwise, you can look out for the warning signs that point to a silverfish infestation:

  • Holes in your clothing (though this could also point to carpet moths)
  • Holes or chew marks in other areas, including boxes, carpets or curtains
  • Damage to books, magazines or other paper documents
  • Minute faecal matter deposits that look a little like black paper

If these signs sound all too familiar to you, then you could have a silverfish problem. To stop things from getting out of control, it’s essential to arrange a silverfish infestation treatment immediately.

The Best Treatment for Silverfish

Our silverfish treatment uses only premium products and won’t take up too much of your time. Using a powerful insecticide, we’ll treat every corner of your home, ensuring there’s nowhere left for these unwanted guests to hide. The entire process typically takes around 45 to 60 minutes.

How to Prevent Silverfish

The best treatment for silverfish is to prevent them from moving into your home in the first place. Whether you’ve just completed a silverfish treatment or you’re trying to avoid making your home appealing to these pests, here’s how you can prevent silverfish infestations:

  • Regularly vacuum your home, ensuring no food debris is left lying around
  • Store all dry food in an airtight container so that silverfish can’t get in
  • Don’t keep excess books or paperwork lying around in your home
  • Put away all of your clothes and consider boxing up any that you aren’t using
  • Reduce the moisture in your home using a dehumidifier

Even with preventative measures, your home isn’t necessarily impervious to these pests and a silverfish treatment may still be necessary. If you need silverfish pest control in Brisbane, get in touch with Blue Chip Pest Control for a fast, affordable quote.