Everyday people tell us you can’t get rid of ants, this isn’t quite right. Getting rid of ants starts with understanding them. For example, understanding what their food preference is, whether it be proteins or sugars, oils/fats or carbohydrates. These are all factors that come into play when choosing the right type of bait to control ants in your house.

At different times of the year, some ants will change their food preference based on what the colony needs. This means that we will quite commonly go to a house and treat a certain type of ant with a certain type of bait. We will then go to the next house and the same type of ants won’t take that type of bait due to the colony needing a different type of nutrient at that time.

The most common areas we see ants are obviously in your gardens and around your house walls. These are mainly black house ants. We also commonly see coastal brown ants in bathrooms and kitchens. These are small brown coloured ants that you usually see on your benchtops when food is left out. These types of ants will usually take a sugar based type of bait in conjunction with a wall cavity insecticide dusting on suitable house types.

For all of our outdoor ant sprays, we use the best quality chemical available on the market which is a termite grade chemical. This chemical is also rated for spiders and cockroaches for outdoor use only. It is a non-repellent transfer chemical which means that once we spray the area and it dries, the ants have no idea the chemical is there. Once the chemical is on the ants, they pass it onto other ants while foraging or in their nest. We see good results using this chemical and if enough of the colony is carrying the chemical it will eliminate the entire nest. Once the colonies are affected by the spray, the whole process can take up to 1 month for the chemical to take full effect and to see the end result.

All our ant treatments consist of a full perimeter wall spray, all eaves, and the gardens surrounding the house walls. We dust any wall cavities in suitable houses as well as roof voids. We also surface spray around all internal walls and have different types of baits depending on the type of ants you have.