If you have bees on your property and you’re not a beekeeper, you probably wish the bees would buzz off. But bee infestations don’t always work like that. If you have an unwanted swarm of bees inside your house walls or roof void, you should give us a call to get this problem sorted.

Why bee infestations are a problem

While bees keep our ecosystem healthy, your property or backyard is not the right place for them to make a home for themselves. If bees are coming out of the weep holes or expansion joints in your house walls, this issue will only grow over time.

Depending on the type of bee you’re dealing with, the sting can be very painful and dangerous. Some people have a severe allergic reaction to bee stings, and for some individuals, bee stings are life-threatening.

Bee infestations can also damage your property. The overall weight of a big bee colony can cause structural problems in roofs and walls. If a nest expands, built-up pressure can result in honey and beeswax seeping through your walls, leading to unattractive stains. If you leave a bee infestation alone, the bees will get busy and start colonising all cavities in your house or shed, from ceiling to floor.

Getting your problem sorted

At Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control, we take the sting out of bee infestations in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

We understand bee behaviour. We know that bee swarms are common in Queensland from about July until the end of summer. Swarms occur when a bee colony gets too big – it subdivides, and a large group leaves the nest to set up a home in a new location.

If we get a job where bees are swarming in big numbers in a tree or on a fence, we advise our customers that the bees are protecting the queen while the colony is relocating. The swarm usually leaves within a few days and won’t harm anyone if left undisturbed.

Other situations call for action. If bees are coming out of your walls, we can safely fumigate the wall cavities and other areas for you. This is one of the best bee infestations treatments in Brisbane. It will keep the bees away for at least two years with a layer of dust left in the treated void areas. No smell is left and no cleaning will be needed after the treatment.

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