Funnel ants can be highly destructive for your backyard as they are continually drawing soil from underneath your grass to build their tunnels and nests. Every time it rains the tunnels get destroyed. The ants therefore will continue to pull more soil up above the ground. We quite regularly see lawns that you could just about break your ankle they have become so uneven and have lost all of their strength underneath the lawn root system.

With all of our funnel ant lawn sprays we generally see at least at 95% reduction in ant mounds. This quite often lasts 3 to 4 years even when the neighbours’ yards and throughout the street are showing lots of mounds. From the range of quality chemicals we use, a non-repellent based transfer chemical is best for funnel ants/ant mounds. We spray this with a high pressure pump on the back of our vehicles spraying the mounds at 100 PSI.

Funnel ant/ant mound treatments are best done when there is at least 1 week of dry weather to follow. In preparation for these types of sprays, it is recommended you cut your lawn a few days before having the treatment done.

Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control funnel ant jobs usually take between 1 hour to 1 ½ hours to do which consists of spraying each individual mound with non-repellent transfer chemicals. A lot of customers do not have any issues for years to come after our treatments.

Our sprays will not affect your plants or lawns.