We generally see flea jobs increasing after the colder months. Cats and dogs actually have different types of fleas, although the treatment is the same. Most flea treatments can be fixed after one spray although bad infestations can take 2 to 3 sprays at 2 week intervals.

No matter how many fleas you’re seeing or are getting bitten by, 75% of the population will still be in egg form and can take anywhere from 2 to 14 days to hatch. If the eggs aren’t disturbed by vibration, they can lay dormant for up to 400 days. Unfortunately, sprays do not have a very good effect on the eggs. This is why it is important to follow our treatment plans to ensure you get the desired result.

Our flea treatments consist of you mowing your lawns a few days before the treatment so we can spray your entire lawns and gardens and underneath your house depending on your house type. You cannot control fleas with an inside spray only. After the lawn treatment, we will then spray the entire floor and carpets inside your house. Just remember, fleas to do not climb walls and curtains. If you are getting bitten in your bed, it is important to double hot wash your bedding at least twice a week until the flea problem is gone. The eggs will not be destroyed by using a cold wash. If a drier is available, it is recommended to run a hot cycle.

All of our flea jobs consist of a full blanket spray of the entire yard area and under the house for raised houses using our high-pressure truck mounted sprayers. These units drive our sprayers at 100 PSI ensuring that the spray is in all nooks and crannies to get the best coverage possible.

Our internal treatments cover the whole floor of the house. The chemicals we use internally have low to no smell when being sprayed and do not stain or damage any of your household contents.

With any flea treatment you must also apply good quality flea treatments to your pets so they do not continue to get reinfested.