For all of our rodent baiting services we include rodent baiting in the roof voids as well as commercial grade, child safe rodent boxes placed around the external walls or under the house. We find that baiting only in the roof voids is not a good way of controlling the problem as the rodents are entering the roof void from external entry points. We have found we gain better control with the use of outdoor boxes in conjunction with the boxes in the roof void.

Rodents have a 30 metre forage radius meaning they don’t usually go past your property or your neighbour’s property. They also generally use the same travel paths. Mice on the other hand have only a 10 metre forage radius so when you see them, they are not too far from where they are living. This is why, in most cases, after a few weeks our customers rodent problems drastically reduce.

We are proud that Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control does all the rodent baiting and pest control for Guide Dogs Queensland’s office in Brisbane, where we have approximately 30 large rodent boxes around all of their dog kennels and training facilities. We understand therefore how important it is to use the correct baits in the correct places to minimise the risk to your pets.

We carry two different types of rodent baits. The first is a blood poisoning type of bait which is a higher risk if you have dogs as they can cause secondary poisoning if your pet consumes an affected mouse or rat. The second type of bait is the same that we use for Guide Dogs Queensland and is a pet friendly bait. This affects the rodents with an overload of calcium which cannot be transferred as a secondary kill. Therefore, if your pets consume a rodent that has eaten some of this bait, the chance of hurting your animals is greatly reduced.