Particularly in Australia, having spiders inside of your home can develop into a very serious situation. Perhaps you are concerned about spider bites because you have spotted several of these creepy creatures around your property. Here are several signs suggesting that you are in need of spider pest control.

  • Have you spotted spider webs on the inside or outside of your home?
  • If you have an abundance of insects around your home, spiders may be living nearby to prey on them.
  • After inspecting areas of your home that are accessed the least, you may find spiders hiding there.


Why is Timely Pest Control So Important?

Don’t wait until you are bitten by a poisonous spider and become ill to find out why you should have employed spider pest control services. Also, because spiders trap insects, their presence may lead to another type of infestation at your property. Having a spider infestation will make your property look untidy with spider webs hanging around for all to see.


Assessing Your Property for a Spider Infestation

Upon contacting us regarding your spider situation, our team of experienced professionals will arrive at your home to conduct an assessment and will identify the species of spiders that are causing you concern


Treatment Plan

After we have completed our walk around, we will create a spider control plan that is customised specifically to your unique situation. We will describe for you the types of treatments we will use, the length of time it will take, and the results we expect to achieve. Before we begin your treatment, we will make sure you understand our process in detail.


Service Procedure

We will carry out our service based on the plan of action we discussed with you. When we conduct a spider spraying session, we use specific chemicals that will eliminate dangerous spiders such as redbacks, huntsmen, and all webbing spiders you see around your walls and gardens such as St Andrew’s Cross, orb spiders, and orb weaver spiders. Our targeted sprays will infiltrate through cracks and crevices and destroy egg sacks around the external walls, eaves, gutters as well as spot spraying around gardens


Why Blue Chip Is the Right Choice for Spider Pest Control?

Don’t take chances and risk your health when it comes to spiders. Our reputation has paved the way for our success in becoming a well known, quality pest control provider in the Brisbane area. You can relax in knowing that we will make these inconspicuous beings disappear from your life. Contact Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control today and enjoy a more worry-free environment for you and your family.


  • What is involved in a spider treatment?
    • We use a high-pressure truck mounted sprayer with a 100 metre hose to spray the entire outside walls of the house, including under the eaves and gutters. We will also spend some time treating the spiders in the surrounding gardens.
    • Spiders will die over the hours following the treatment.
    • Knock down treatments do not require the weather conditions to be perfect as the main results happen in the first few hours. Yearly spider treatments will greatly reduce the spider activity and the house.