Though small in size, fire ants create big problems. These fiery, red insects like to gang up and then aggressively sting their victims, which include humans, pets, livestock and native animals. They also form large mounds, creating costly damage to sports fields, golf courses, gardens and lawns. In other countries, the fire ant problem is so bad some people can’t even walk around their own backyards or let their pets outside.

The battle against fire ants

In Brisbane, under Queensland laws, fire ants are a category 1 restricted pest. The state is fighting to eradicate them, and Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control is on the frontlines of the war. We are registered with both the Queensland and Australian Governments, and we have the necessary training to identify fire ants and control them. We also add relevant information to the government register to help keep track of these nasty, imported pests.

Fire ant treatment

What is the best treatment for fire ants? At Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control, we start by inspecting your property to determine which of our two treatment options will be the most effective for treating fire ants in your yard. The two options are baiting treatment or direct chemical injection.

Baiting treatment

This is the most common fire ant treatment. It involves using special fire ant registered baits, which the fire ants take back to their nests. The baits can be fast-acting or slow-acting. They’re safe for people and the majority of vertebrate animals.
Fast-acting baits have an impact within one to four weeks. The ants transport the active ingredient through the entire ant colony, leading to the eventual eradication of the nest. In contrast, slow-acting baits take two to six months to work. They break the breeding cycle, stopping larvae from transforming into adult fire ants.

Nest injection treatment

If baiting treatment poses a risk to pets or the general public, we recommend our nest injection treatment. This involves directly injecting the nests with a highly effective insecticide. Often, there is a large number of fire ant nests in a small area. We use special equipment to flood as many of the nests and tunnels as possible.

Professional treatment for fire ants

If you think you have fire ants, get in touch with Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control ASAP. Fire ants are a big threat to our lifestyle and environment in Australia. Eliminating them is a high priority, and it makes sense to use the best treatment available.