While there are six types of cockroaches in Australia, there are only really three that you’ll see in your house in Queensland. These being the Australian cockroach, American cockroach, and German cockroach. By far the Australia cockroach is the one we see most commonly on our day to day services.

The Australian and American cockroaches are the large, dark cockroaches that you’ll see from time to time. When you turn the light on at night you’ll see them run across the floor.

Cockroaches have many stages of their lifecycles from when they are a newly hatched nymph looking like a little black beetle to the final stage when they grow their wings. Only a fully formed cockroach has wings.

For all our cockroach services, we spray around the outside walls and gardens around the house, spray around the eaves, fumigate the wall voids if possible, dust the roof voids and spray a surface spray inside that may include a growth inhibitor chemical to help with higher infestations. Depending on the area and the items inside the house, we can also do cockroach baiting as well as a cockroach feed spray which gets squirted in and under voids in the house like under your fridge and freezer, under any gaps in your cupboards, and in the cupboards themselves. This is a high quality spray that we quite often see the cockroaches drawn out to feed on. As with most of our chemicals, this is also a transfer spray.