Have you ever turned on the light late at night and found roaches scurrying about your home? As cockroach pest control experts, we understand that almost nothing makes your skin crawl more than having a cockroach infestation.

It is a violation of sorts, the way they get into everything, particularly your food supply. Perhaps you have only seen one or two. The bad news is that they multiply quickly. Here are some signs that you are in need of cockroach control.

  • Smelling a musty odour
  • Finding cockroach droppings or egg capsules
  • Smear marks or shed skin
  • Roaches showing themselves during the daytime

Why Prompt Pest Control Is Critical

Not only are roaches disgusting, but they are also unsanitary. Whether your home is infested with German, American or Australian cockroaches, they have the potential to spread disease to your family. Some of the most worrisome bacteria they carry include salmonella, staphylococcus and streptococcus.

The Australia cockroach is by far the species we see most commonly during our day to day services. They are the large, dark cockroaches scurrying across your floor at night.

Conducting a Cockroach Assessment

Our team of experienced technicians knows what to look for during the process of your cockroach assessment. We will pinpoint what type of cockroaches have taken up residence, how serious the situation is, and inform you of any unhygienic conditions and risks to your well-being.


Developing a Cockroach Treatment Plan

After our assessment, we will design an individualised course of action to eliminate cockroaches from your property. We will outline for you the types of treatments we will execute and the amount of time you can expect it to take to be free of them.


The Treatment Process

We use only premium brand insecticide, rodenticide, and termiticides. Our trucks carry up to twenty different products ensuring we have on hand what is needed for your house.

The process we follow is to spray around the outside walls and gardens around your home, spraying around the eaves, fumigating the wall voids, and dusting the roof voids. We also use a surface spray indoors, including a growth inhibitor chemical that helps with more severe infestations.

Part of our process may also include cockroach baiting, which includes cockroach feed spray. This solution gets squirted in and under the voids such as under your fridge and freezer, under cupboard gaps, and inside of your cupboards. This high-quality spray draws out the roaches for feeding and also works as a transfer spray. It is common for us to use up to five different products during an average cockroach treatment to ensure you get the best result possible.


Why Choose Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control

When it comes to cockroach infestation control, no one wants to take chances with the second best. That is why our customers gladly choose Blue Chip. Our stellar reputation precedes us for good reasons. Our state-of-the-art methods and treatments ensure that cockroaches are drawn out of their hiding places to feed on the spray. We stand apart from the competition by using the most up to date techniques and products available on the market

You don’t have to share your life with these foul creatures. Contact Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control today and take back control of your household.