When a customer contacts us in regards to a pest control treatment, we will first talk to them about any issues they have and any concerns they may have about the treatment, this way we know the main areas to focus on on the day of the treatment.

When spraying the outside of a property, the type of chemicals we use will depend on the insect type and the problems the house is having. No matter what type of chemical we use, all of our outside treatments are done using a high pressure pump mounted on the back of the truck, using a 100 metre hose. This delivers 100 PSI of pressure ensuring that an even amount of spray is applied to all cracks and crevices.

Unlike some companies that just treat around the edges of things, here at Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control we spray the entire walls, including around all window frames and doorframes, under all eaves and gutters as well as the surrounding gardens and footpaths. Depending on the style of house, we can also fumigate the outer wall voids using a twin action insecticide dust with a built in growth inhibitor chemical.

When servicing the inside of the house we carry over 20 different types of chemicals and baits ensuring we have the right chemical to treat any situation that may arise. Most of the chemicals we use around your house we also use in day care centres, shops, and restaurants. A lot of these are sensitive types of areas.

We can assure you that our chemicals will not leave any residual marks or stains and the majority of them at odourless.


The majority of the high quality chemicals we use are what are called non-repellent transfer chemicals. These are a more expensive type of chemical and work at lot better than repellent based sprays such as household fly sprays and surface sprays. Using these types of chemicals ensures the different types of insects will carry the chemical back to their harbourage areas and start the transfer effect ensuring a better control of the pests around your house.