With all of our large scale customers such as warehouses, restaurants, schools etc we provide an integrated management plan for all rodent problems and needs. This starts with a free on site assessment, giving you a detailed quote outlining what we think we should do and why, as well as organised, on time scheduled services. We have an established office which uses various scheduling and reminder services to ensure your facility stays rodent free.

Where some pest control companies will only install rodent baits in the roof void, Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control, as a standard, as well as installing rodent baits in the roof we also install 2 commercial grade large rodent boxes around the outer perimeter walls of your property ensuring we put a stop to the rodents entering your house right from the start.

We have also been the sole pest control company servicing Guide Dogs Queensland’s head office in Brisbane for over 3 years where we currently have around 25 large rodent stations around their facility. As you can understand, this environment is an extremely delicate area due to all of the guide dogs being trained and housed here.

Our trucks carry a generic rodent bait as well as a pet friendly brand. The difference can be explained to you by the office when booking.

A common question we get asked is will the rodents die in the house. The simple answer is no. 95% of our rodent jobs will never have an issue with dead rodents inside the house, they usually go searching for water and die elsewhere.


We service some of Brisbane’s most fragile working environments such as day care centres, Guide Dogs Queensland training facilities, medical clinics, schools, and some of Brisbane’s most popular restaurant chains. We understand that you need someone you can rely on to provide a thorough service and ensure that your business doesn’t have any problems. We understand in today’s environment, the smallest things can affect your business. This is why we use the best chemicals on the market coming from Australia’s four largest suppliers. On any given day we carry up to 30 different chemicals in our work trucks. We also have services available such as entomologists to help identify any unusual problems.

We provide all safety data sheets and any information about the chemicals we use around these types of areas as well as full insurance and an established office environment ensuring all your routine services are scheduled on time every time.


Some of our regular customers includes:

Some of Brisbane’s most popular restaurant chains

Large scale storage facilities including food grade facilities

Medical Clinics

Day Care Centres

Hotels/ Motels

Large scale retirement complexes


Guide Dogs Queensland