We service some of Brisbane’s most fragile working environments such as day care centres, Guide Dogs Queensland training facilities, medical clinics, schools, and some of Brisbane’s most popular restaurant chains. We understand that you need someone you can rely on to provide a thorough service and ensure that your business doesn’t have any problems. We understand in today’s environment, the smallest things can affect your business. This is why we use the best chemicals on the market coming from Australia’s four largest suppliers. On any given day we carry up to 30 different chemicals in our work trucks. We also have specialist services available such as entomologists to help identify any unusual problems.


When it comes to managing the pest control of your restaurant or café, Blue Chip’s technicians will talk to you and inspect the premises to gain a clear understanding of the types of pest problems that you have or that could arise in this type of environment. Chemical choice and placement methods make all the difference. This is why Blue Chip is the go to company for owners struggling to take this side of their business to the next level.

All Blue Chip trucks are fully stocked with top quality chemicals and inspection equipment needed to make cockroach issues one less thing you have to worry about. With organised, established office systems, on time staff and automatic reminder texts before your upcoming scheduled service days, Blue Chip will make getting your regular pest control service a smooth process.

We provide all of our restaurants and cafes with a personalised Site Register containing relevant Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all chemicals that may be used during your service as well as a register of all services completed. We will file our treatment paperwork in the Register after each service to ensure it is on Site and ready to hand.

Have a plan
1. Blue Chip will conduct a full inspection of the area before any treatment starts, including asking for pest related feedback from you and your staff.

2. Choose the best treatment approach on the day.

3. Treatments completed outside of usual restaurant/café opening hours.

4. Only safe and effective methods are used.

5. Technician notes are kept on Blue Chip’s system to ensure your business’ pest control is maintained at the high standard you would expect.

We will:

  1. Follow all workplace health and safety procedures and policies, including the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld)
  2. Only use pesticide products as per their product labels and guidelines.
  3. Be fully insured at all times.


From bulk stored food grade liquid containers to irrigation supply sheds, mattress storage to furniture factories, rodents can be a costly headache to your business through damaging stock and leaving rodent droppings for customers to see. Blue Chip services a wide range of storage facilities and helps to manage their rodent issues through a rodent management plan that meets each customer’s specific needs.

In our experience, most large storage facilities require a 3 monthly rodent management plan to ensure both fresh bait is available and the bait in the stations does not run out. Placement of the rodent stations is also key to reducing damage to the stations and ensuring they are in areas most likely to attract rodents.

Blue Chip can also complete scheduled pest control services of your offices outside of your normal work hours to reduce the impact on your staff and productivity. Office pest control helps reduce ants, cockroaches, spiders, and silverfish and is generally completed either 6 monthly or yearly depending on the pest pressure in the area.


Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control manages a large portfolio of medical grade buildings such as GP clinics, dental clinics, community health centres, and mental health centres. We understand that discretion and timelines are important in these sensitive environments. We therefore complete pest control services outside of your usual weekday working hours or on weekends.

Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control maintains a high level of professionalism and ensures scheduled treatment timelines are completed on time every time with as little impact on your business as possible.

We only use high grade pesticide chemicals which leave no visual signs or smells after your treatment has been completed.

How Can Blue Chip Help Your Business?

  • Eliminate ants from your consultation rooms.
  • Reduce spiders/webs from around your gardens and building walls.
  • Get rid of cockroaches living in cupboards and running over bench tops in front of customers.

All Blue Chip trucks come fully stocked to deal with any ant or cockroach issue you may have on your scheduled service day. No matter what your pest problem is, we can greatly reduce or eliminate it for you.


Our biggest challenge by far with our older hotels and motels is German cockroaches. Through treating thousands of rooms, we can say chemical choice and placement techniques are imperative and will greatly determine the success and results gained on your scheduled service days.

When taking over a new hotel or motel, we generally see at least an 85% reduction of ongoing cockroach activity from the first service and between regular 6 monthly service days. This continues to improve as we fine tune the areas still needing attention to take hotel/motel rooms to the next level.

Just as our customers do, Blue Chip expects a high level of service and results. As a business owner, Jeremy continually strives to improve our business practices and monitor our staff’s professionalism and performance.

Rodent management plans should also be considered in the hotel/motel environment. Placement of our large tamper proof rodent boxes and second generation rodenticide baits makes for a swift knock down of any rodent activity in your area and stops an issue before it becomes a problem.

Blue Chip uses a range of different baits that work in different ways. This would be discussed with you on your site evaluation day.

We also offer bed bug treatments for our hotel and motel customers when needed.


Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control services some of Brisbane’s largest retirement villages providing a professional structured treatment plan for your general pest control needs whether there are 10 units or 500.

Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control can also conduct your yearly termite inspections. We provide you with a full inspection schedule before any work starts and all relevant legal paperwork. Once the inspections are complete, as well as providing you with termite inspection reports for each unit, we also provide you with a summary of the entire complex listing the history of termites and/or damage found, any new activity and/or damage found, and the current/expired termite protection for the unit. We maintain this summary and provide you with an updated copy each year. Ask about our group discounts when booking in August and/or September.

We pride ourselves on providing a professional, respectful service to your residents and aim to build a friendly working relationship within your community.

Each of Blue Chip’s technicians are trained and qualified to our high standards. We are also constantly evolving the business and maintaining our vehicles with the best and newest equipment so that we can provide the best service possible to our customers.

When working in your retirement village, Blue Chip will:

  • Follow all speed limits within the grounds.
  • Always maintain a professional manner.
  • Keep equipment in good working order.
  • Reply to all phone calls and emails in a timely manner.
  • Provide all relevant paperwork before the job commences.

Blue Chip can take your pest control and termite services to the next level.


When completing pest control in the school environment, Blue Chip’s first consideration is always what is best for the students. In these sensitive environments, we also look at factors such as:

  • What type of insects pose a risk.
  • The types of pesticides and the appropriate areas they can be used in.
  • The best times to conduct pest control services in schools.
  • Conducting an assessment of any existing problems; and how we can prevent other issues before they become a problem.

Blue Chip Termite & Pest Control services numerous schools across Brisbane including special needs schools. We conduct each service in a professional manner and always try to get the best results for the students by reducing pests and rodents across the school grounds.

We understand that schools are constantly in the spotlight, especially from parents, and that your reputation means everything. Here at Blue Chip we take on this responsibility seriously and aim to bring your pest management to the next level by:

  • Being on time.
  • Being organised.
  • Maintaining professionally.
  • Only following safe work practices and procedures, including the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld).
  • Keeping the safety of students and staff at the forefront when assessing a service.
  • Performing pesticide application outside of normal school hours.
  • Supplying MSDS’ (material safety data sheets) for all chemicals used.
  • Only using staff that are competent, trained and have both current Blue Cards and police checks before attending your school.


All children deserve a pest free environment to learn in. Spiders under eaves, trials of ants running consistently through the playground or wasp nests under play equipment – these are just a few scenarios that can impact on a child’s ability to have free and unrestricted access to the grounds around your facility.

Our trucks come fully stocked with quality equipment and are always ready no matter what situations may arise on service days.

Our child friendly chemicals will have no effect on children once dry. Children will be able to play freely the next day.

All services requiring the use of pesticides will be performed outside of usual day care hours to ensure no children are present. Blue Chip only follows safe work practices.

Pest areas we can help with around your grounds may include:

  • Rodent management plans.
  • Full barrier spider sprays, including eaves and gutters, using our high-pressure truck mounted sprays.
  • Ant management including green ant baiting.
  • Full grounds flea treatments.
  • Internal cockroach treatments.
  • Building inspections including termite management plans.

All relevant material safety data sheets (MSDS’), insurances, licences, Blue Cards, and police checks will be provided to you to ensure compliance with all relevant practices and procedures.

We provide all safety data sheets and any information about the chemicals we use around these types of areas as well as full insurance and an established office environment ensuring all your routine services are scheduled on time every time.