We service some of Brisbane’s most fragile working environments such as day care centres, Guide Dogs Queensland training facilities, medical clinics, schools, and some of Brisbane’s most popular restaurant chains. We understand that you need someone you can rely on to provide a thorough service and ensure that your business doesn’t have any problems. We understand in today’s environment, the smallest things can affect your business. This is why we use the best chemicals on the market coming from Australia’s four largest suppliers. On any given day we carry up to 30 different chemicals in our work trucks. We also have services available such as entomologists to help identify any unusual problems.

We provide all safety data sheets and any information about the chemicals we use around these types of areas as well as full insurance and an established office environment ensuring all your routine services are scheduled on time every time.


Some of our regular customers includes:

Some of Brisbane’s most popular restaurant chains

Large scale storage facilities including food grade facilities

Medical Clinics

Day Care Centres

Hotels/ Motels

Large scale retirement complexes


Guide Dogs Queensland