The most common bird mite jobs we are called to are from people with chickens. Bird mite problems can range from you getting bitten around areas where your chickens are roosting or foraging through your gardens to the bird mites being transferred from your body to your carpets and lounge suites and even your beds.

Our approach to controlling this type of situation is to give you advice on how to reduce the problem. We can also use various types of insecticide dust around roosting and foraging areas that have a low risk effect on the birds as well as spraying your couches and areas inside where you could be getting bitten. We generally find that one spray will sort this out along with annual insecticide dustings of the bird areas.

Other situations where you may have bird mites inside and be getting bitten is when birds such as pigeons may be hanging around the edge of your roof and flapping their wings. We have had occasions where bird mites have come in through the windows.

If you’re getting bitten inside no matter what the problem, we can help. We carry a wide range of different types of chemicals for any situation.